Release #111 – (COMIC1☆8) [City Forest (TAKTO)] Samenai Uchi ni Meshiagare! (Enjoy it while it’s Hot!)



Oh, yes.

It’s been so long, but it’s the same REAK we’ve come to know and love. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the way vanilla manga SHOULD be done. Our obsession for REAK is an almost religious thing, so you should have seen this coming.

For the first time since any REAK release, we actually se someone NOT named Takto get the girl. Who would’ve thought that being a Klutz could be a turn on for some women? Well, in this story, a less-than-reliable dolt shows that he’s quite the animal when it comes to sex, which grabs the attention of an interested co-worker. The rest is a lot of self-discovery, SM (yes, SM), and a whole lot of vanilla.

REAK has never failed to deliver – and deliver he has. Don’t even think with your brain – just download it. Download it, read it, breath it, enjoy. You won’t be disappointed. :)

Download links:

g.e-hentai || exhentai || fakku || imgur

Project BUILD re\VAMP

revamp_Artboard 2

So Tech gave me the go-signal to make some announcements that will ease the way towards our transition into a newly-formed team.

By newly-formed, that means there will be some restructuring… rebranding… rethinking… redirection-ing… and re\VAMPing.

Yup. We’re re-building the site and the group from the ground up. And if you’re wondering what NGNL has to do with any of that – well let’s just say that there’s a big something that has to do with NGNL and us going serious (look somewhere in this post if you seriously want a hint).

And that something has much to do with Tech going around AX mentioning that we were planning on doing a certain something. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time, but involves quite a bit of concentration and maturity as a translator. And after 5 years of translating pron, I think we’ve come full circle to doing a big project like this. By that, I mean that we’ll be working on non-pron as well – and this particular project is NOT PRON. We’re big boys now, so we’ll act like it (when necessary).

Yes, the key word there is BIG. So there’s quite a lot to look forward to. Along with this will be, as Kita mentioned in his previous post, a lot of changes… including one that may re-name us all together. That’s a lot of “RE’s” for one post, but it’s something that has pretty much shaped us to the group we are today. Like I said in an old staff note before, Tech is out to rule the world – go on and help the man. We’ll be recruiting people en masse – newbies welcome, but if you have experience, the better. This goes for both translators and editors. You need to be able to give some time, because we’re gonna be doing serious bizness. Also, we want a mascot – a pretty one. If you’ve got skills as an illustrator or artist and want to help out, please throw us an email. We’ll pay you with translations of your choice!

So in advance, we’d like to thank everyone for the support up until now, and we hope to continue bringing you only the best translations of uncompromising quality.

Hint:  It’s nothing like doing manga translations. We sure as hell won’t be working on animu, so what else is left out there for us to translate from NGNL? Hmm…

Live Update 4.0

Hello everyone, Kita here, I’m sure at least a few of you have noticed that our website is pointedly different. We are in the process of remaking the website from the ground up, and to prepare for that overhaul we have made a few changes to clean up the existing one. The new website will be far more expansive and streamlined, once complete, but in the meantime please be aware that there is every chance that debugging will take a while. Links in particular will be subject to Murphy’s Law. This Version 4.0, if you will, will be the final update to our site and is intended to coincide directly with some big news to be released towards the end of the month.


With some of the changes and new things going on, I myself have started helping Ed and Tech with managing the work and coordinating things, so I can honestly say that we’ve got some exciting things on the horizon. So as not to leave you all in the dark with just that little hint, I got the OK to put forward at least some details.


We are going to be moving in a more serious direction, treating our work with the same level of attention that is expected within the manga industry itself. We aren’t going to change who we are at our core, and damned if we won’t remember our roots, but we are definitely going to be pushing in a more professional direction. To that end we may be changing some naming, the team, projects, even some members may be picking up fresh names going forward.


Now, since the new stuff is going to mean more work needing to be done, I’m going to put out there early that we will be making a big push for recruitment. If you have experience as a member of a scanlation team, or if you’re just interested in helping out, let us know! To be clear, though, experience will be prefered, and any newbies will be expected to make a concerted effort to keep up with on-the-job training. In any case, we will expect team members to continue being active even after summer ends.


If you’re not interested in helping with the inner workings, or don’t have the time, but you happen to be an artist yourself, we are looking for help designing an OC Mascot for the team. That part is being handled by Tech, though, so shoot him an email at with examples of your work, or a link to where we can browse through. We are not above taking a special request in exchange for said artistic assistance.


Now then, to sum up, and for you lazy fucks who can’t be bothered, here’s the TL;DR:

+   New version 4.0 of our blog, enjoy it, it’s smoothed out a lot!
+   Bigger, better website is in the works now.
+   We’re getting into serious mode, so expect things to start looking even more official.
+   Tech and Ed are giving me a chance to run some things, poor crazy bastards.
+   We are going to need new recruits in the near future. Experience is preferred, but newbies are still welcome.
+   If you’re a newbie and want to help out, make sure you can put the time in to actually help, even after summer is over.
+   We are looking for help designing and making a mascot, see above for contact info for Tech on this one.
+  TL;DR is a bad excuse, and you should feel bad for thinking it.


As always, thanks for your support!

Release #110 – [Karory] KARORFUL MIX EX10 (Sword Art Online)


Here’s the grand finale to the SAO festival!

You ought to have seen this coming. The SAO festival was fun and all, but hey – time to enjoy season II. There won’t be that much Asuna, so for all you adorers out there, here’s some love from her to keep you pre-occupied.

So where to go from here? Well, the gTeam will be making a couple announcements in the next few days regarding some of the projects we have up our sleeves. Let’s just say that with the new re-structuring, the gTeam is actually starting to LOOK like a team with an actual goal in mind.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this release, and stay posted for any new developments from our end.


Download links:

g.e-hentai || exhentai || fakku || imgur

Release #108 – [Tracklisko (Hiura R)] no passage


Just how long IS this festival, you ask?

Well, we’ve got some more imouto fever for you, if that’s what you mean. I noticed that isn’t that much Kuzuha/Leafa love going around, so take this. Boob attack for you nay-sayers, them jugs don’t give a fuck.

But I must say, the artwork in this doujin is superb. This is the good stuff, right here. It’s just begging for a part two, so if you really want more of this artist, by all means let us know in the comments. :)

Oh yeah… we’re not finished, just yet. I’ll give you a clue – FULL COLOR. Look forward to it. :)


Download links:

g.e-hentai || exhentai || fakku

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